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Health in a cup

Discover functional, delicious and ready-to-drink blends that are perfect for supporting health.

Our Elixirs are composed of superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs used by traditional medicines around the world.

These Nature's gifts are recognized by ancestral cultures as important allies for health and vitality.

Pleasure & Health, without compromise!

Qi Tonic Product Line

Last Blog Posts& Recipies

Chai Spices
Origin: India Properties: RejuvenationTonic Powerful antioxidantAids digestionAbsorption & circulationThis ingredient is found in the products of the Elixirs product lineGolden Milk ChaiChaga...
Chicory root
Latin name: Cichorium intybusOrigin: Europe Properties: Supports immune system,Detoxify: liver, gallbladder and kidneyNatural sedative...
Lions Mane
Latin name: Hericium erinaceus Origin: China Properties: Nervous system tonicSupports healthy brain functionsSupports nerve repair & regrowthThis ingredient is found in the products of the El...