Structure - Anti-Inflammatory - Regenerative

Structure - Anti-Inflammatory - Regenerative

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Combinaison of superfoods, therapeutic plants & mushrooms with anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties

With a dynamic and vibrant flavor, this blend will allow you to maintain your energy after your performance or to continue it optimally.

  • Maca is known to support vitality and endurance

  • Mesquite is recognized as a good source of minerals (electrolytes) and fiber

  • Green banana flour contains non-soluble fibers that will nourish part of the microbiome involved in the production of butyrate, an anti-inflammatory molecule

  • Ginger is recognized as a powerful antioxidant and can boost vitality, energy and metabolism

  • Turmeric is recognized for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties

  • Our blend of Quebec seaweeds hand picked by Océan de Saveurs is an important source of minerals including iodine which stimulates the metabolism

  • Medicinal mushroom extracts support energy, vitality, immune system and resilience: Chaga and Turkey Tail

Gluten free, made with ingredients from organic and fair trade cultures.

Maca, Mesquite, Green Banana Flour, Ginger Extract 7:1, Turmeric, Mixture of Algae, Maple Sugar, Mushrooms Dual Extracts 8:1 (Chaga, Turkey Tail).