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Our main focus is to offer you very high quality products. We’ve chosen our ingredients as such! They are grown by producers who share our core values with an emphasis on ecological and sustainable growth, and with protection and respect for communities and ecosystems along the way. Our ingredients are thus, for the most part certified organic, grown and processed in a sustainable way and traded responsibly.

Our Heirloom Cacao

We source our sun dried certified organic heirloom cacao beans from the lush forested mountains of Ecuador. We have selected the Criollo variety, which is a native-born heirloom species thriving in the high-elevation volcanic soils of the Arriba Nacional forest of Ecuador. The Criollo variety is considered worldwide to have the finest floral aroma and flavour profile.

Cacao Beans Energy

The hand gathered ripe pods are cut from the tree, and then opened. Then the sweet white pulpy beans are fermented in a pile for several days, which liquefies the sweet pulp surrounding the beans and helps develop the amazing aromas and mellows the beans bitterness. Then the beans are sun-dried to perfection, not roasted!

Our Herbal Extracts

All plants and mushrooms extracts are not equal. The plant’s origin, culture method, extraction technic of the active components are important parameters to evaluate the extract quality and potentiality. All our plant and mushroom extracts are free from toxic solvents, fillers, preservatives, and radiation. On top of that, they are almost all certified organic. We dive deep into researching and sourcing the highest quality ingredients, so we may offer you the best products on the market!

Our Mushroom Extract

Our mushroom extracts are made from certified organic mushroom fruiting bodies, NOT mycelium! These mushrooms are grown naturally on substrate materials native to each particular one. They are grown in greenhouses and shade houses with natural lighting and natural fresh air flow, no sterile environment here! Quality of substrates is fundamental since this is where mushrooms draw the nutritional elements they transform into therapeutic molecules. Substrates are free of grain or rice and are therefore totally gluten free.


CHAGA                  LION'S MANE          REISHI

Dual Extract

Dual extraction is a two-step method, each using a different solvent. Hot pure filtered water is used for water-soluble polysaccharides and organic ethanol (pure cane alcool) is used for alcohol soluble compounds including triterpenes.

Our extracts are tested for traces of alcohol in the finished extract, ensuring there is ZERO alcohol content in our final products.

Extract Ratio 8:1

We use double extracts in a ratio of 8:1 which means that it takes 8 kilos of raw products to make 1 kilo of the dry extract. These ingredients are therefore 8 times more potent!

Why use mushrooms extracts?

These woody tree mushrooms must be prepared before they are consumed for their beneficial properties. They need to be simmered for long periods of time to break down their fibrous material (chitin). It is at that point that we get the much anticipated medicinal compounds which are bioavailable.